New Mom Essentials: Up to 10 months!

We are a few days shy of eleven months and again I feel like I say this in every post but I cannot believe how quickly time flies. Ava Rose is growing and doing something amazing every day. I honestly cannot get enough of her. Having a baby is expensive but I’m blessed to have the opportunity to try many products whether it be through blog, gifts or just my husband and I seeing something cool and buying it. Here are some products that helped up in the past few months.

Yoomi Bottle with Warmer ($39.99 CAN)
I was actually gifted the yoomi feeding bottle a while ago. I thought it was super unique. I can admit- I didn't get to use it for night-feeding (baby girl slept through the night). I can totally see how a product like this could be ideal! No fumbling in the dark at 1am trying to warm up milk. The yoomi self-warming bottle warms your baby's feed in just 60 seconds using the bottle warmer that inserts into the nipple.

This 8oz feeding bottle comes with slow flow nipple and Yoomi bottle warmer. Let me note that the slow flow nipple it comes with is perfect for a baby under 2 months that doesn't have a strong suck. I was having an issue with baby girl sucking and not the nipple not holding up. Thankfully, the people at yoomi understood the issue and gave us an upgraded nipple pack (fast flow) so baby girl could enjoy her milk with no issues. Nipples or teats as they call them are available in super slow (0+) slow (0+ mths), medium (2+ mths) and fast flow (4+ mths).

JJ Cole 
Original Bundleme ($29.99 CAN)
This was worth EVERY penny. EVERY PENNY!
The 2018/2019 winter was cold. I had no idea how I’d do it with a newborn... but I did it.
This is basically like a baby parka.
I found this brand on Amazon and purchased immediately. Why? I’ve read stories about baby in carseats wearing jackets and horrible things about them overheating. I love the fact that this actually keeps her warm! MOST IMPORTANTLY- It prevents strangers from touching her. At first, I was kind of frustrated that it didn’t zip up all the way but now that I know how warm she is in there -I'm totally okay with it.

Bottle warmer
Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer with Bluetooth ($99 CAN)
Believe it or not I won this baby through a giveaway on Instagram! When you pump and you don't feed the baby immediately- it can go into the fridge. I prefer not to feed my baby cold milk- so I rather rely on a bottle warmer over the microwave. It's so cool how technology is making our lives easier. If I am within Bluetooth range- I can heat the bottle without getting up. Plus get a alert when the bottle is ready on your phone. You can also do it manually. The Baby Brezza Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer features two warming options: Steady or Fast warm up. Steady is the best option for breast milk. It doesn't destroy the nutrients in breast milk by getting it too hot. I'm currently using it to heat formula. So Fast warm up is ideal.



  1. I love the little car seat cover, it looks so warm and toasty!

  2. Great list! The car seat cover is a must for the winter months.

  3. Such great essentials for new moms! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've never seen any of these! Thanks

  5. Great post., Thanks so much for sharing such an wonderful well-researched list., i have been looking for some best baby essentials for my nephew .and i'm very confused on what to buy..,but these are really a great list with detailed information.. you saved so much of my time . thank you for sharing..Really looking forward to read more.


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