My Quick Thoughts Baby-Led Weaning

Starting your baby on solid foods is somehow both fun and daunting. Solids is a huge stage in their development and a sign that you're doing everything right, but it's also stressful. 
  • When are you supposed to do it? 
  • How much do you give? 
  • What is the best way? 
  • How can you make easy on your baby?

It was a scary situation with Ava because we fed her bananas initially. I remember the first time I took out my blender and blended the bananas- got her bowl and little spoon together- it was such an experience. BUT she cried the whole time! FYI- She was five months. 
What was the scary part you ask? 
Bananas = fiber.  
So we quickly had to switch to prunes. 

We did NOT start with Baby-Led Weaning.
Because my doctor said that we shouldn't start it until she's 9 months and her gag reflex has FULLY developed.

A lot of new mothers are trying and it's kinda a new concept. Let me break it down:
When it comes time for babies to start eating solid foods (in combination with nursing or bottle feeding) most moms will go straight into giving them baby food. Either store bought or home made. BUT Baby-Led Weaning essentially cuts out that step! They go straight to giving foods that they can pick up and put in their own mouth. 

Yup! You basically start with finger food. Ones that are cut up and easy to swallow. Foods like bananas, sweet potato and stewed meats are great ideas, whereas you should avoid things like popcorn or raisins.

I kinda did that with snacks instead of her meals. I would put them on her little high chair table and make her grab and try to put them in her mouth. She was really a fast learner when it came to this. I really just think she loves her food...haha!

Although, I didn't indulge into the benefits of BLW... They revolve around teaching your baby to recognize how and when to stop eating when she/he is full. I can't lie letting your baby participate in a family meal early on (without blending) and, of course, not having to buy expensive baby food.

Personally, I obviously believe that we should find what works best for our little ones and BLW may or may not be the right choice for you. I always think that you should consult your doctor FIRST before you do any of the BLW practices. There is no reason to rush your baby into something that might not be best for them!  

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  1. We never did baby food and my daughter (now 7) ate what we ate right from the start. She never went through a picky stage and to this day will eat anything and everything! I hugely encourage BLW, we've had great success with it!


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