Resort Vacation Must-Haves for Babies or Toddlers under 2

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that our first family vacation was a bit of a mess. We ended up in Bahamas at the same time as a hurricane. Thankfully, we were in a part of the island that just got a lot of rain and crazy wind... but it honestly could have been so much worse. I don't mean to be overdramatic but I low-key feel traumatized by it. Thankfully, we got home safe and sound.

I am doing to toot my own horn. I did an AMAZING job figuring out what to pack for the baby. That I even OVER packed. I am also so thankful for all the moms I connected with before my trip to figure out what items I should bring for Ava.
A sturdy stroller was so helpful. I’m going to say sturdy because we have an amazing travel stroller but I had an odd feeling that Ava wanted to sleep possibly when we wanted to explore. And honestly... I was right and this happened twice. This stroller can convert into a bassinet- so my husband and I were able to walk around while she slept.

If your child is young enough to be on formula bringing your own kettle is key. We used it to boil water for her bottles and also clean them. One MAJOR tip: I would place a sticker or something that would let it be known that it's your kettle. We did have a small mishap where somebody thought that it belonged to the hotel and took it downstairs. Thankfully, we got it back!

Inflatable tube made being in the pool and ocean stress-free. This is such a genius invention. Double points for having a canopy to block the sun. She literally had the time of her life in it.

Our hotel wasn’t 100% baby or wheelchair accessible. To get to certain areas in the hotel it required going upstairs. Since we bought our bigger stroller... I can only tell you how annoying it was to have to lift it up and down the stairs. One of the best advice that we got was to break out the baby carrier! My husband was responsible with carrying the baby the whole trip and he did amazing job.

I hope these tips help you with packing.. I totally know that there’s gonna be a mom out there like me who doesn't know where to start. So here is some help!



  1. I hate that y'all were there during the storm but glad you were able to site see a little. Having a good stroller is a must. I'm currently debating a stroller now for an upcoming trip.

  2. Great tips. My daughter was 10 months when we took our first trip out of the country. A sturdy stroller was a must have!! I never thought a kettle, thats a really good suggestion.


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