Have you heard of Birch + Fog?

15 months ago my life changed for the better! 
I became a mom to an amazingly smart baby girl. I wasn’t prepared for how hectic life would be with my own business and being a stay at home mom... but I’m SUPER busy! Like I hardly get to rest. It sounds like I’m complaining- I’m totally not BUT damn I do miss pre-baby Jenn. That Jenn had TIME now that I look back at it. That Jenn should’ve never complained she was tired... because she did not know what tired was LOL

It’s easy to feel anxious or stressed when you have so much on your plate. Daily I think about... getting my work done, entertaining the baby, make sure food is cooked/available, making sure bottles are ready- and that’s just the surface. Different people unwind in different ways. I was recently contacted by Birch+Fog to try out some products. I won’t lie... overlooked the first few emails because I wasn’t sure if it was the route I wanted to go down. If you don’t know birch+fog are a premium lifestyle collective based in Canada. They specialize in CBD and hemp wellness products.

What is CBD?
It’s a non-psychoactive cannabis compound used for a wide range of ailments including pain and anxiety/stress. **FYI non-psychoactive means no changes in perception or behaviour** Very important to note.
After looking at the site- the curiosity got me and I decided to try out some of their products. 
FYI- I don’t smoke or vape. So these are my unadulterated opinions.

Let me start out by saying this post is not here to educate you on Cannabis in Canada or the different strains and their benefits. I’m just sharing 3 it of 5 products that I got and my 

Buudabomb Vegan Gummies
image via Birch+Fog site

Out of everything I purchased these were 10/10. FYI- there were a lot of gummies on the site but these had a 4.8/5 rating (I love that the site has a rating system) so I knew these were a go! As a newbie, I was surprised how strong they smelled when you opened the bag but once you started to chew them they tasted like whatever flavour you bought. For me, I took it before bed and I felt relaxed and actually slept though the night. Price $9.99 CAN

Apothecary Naturals CBD Infused Body Soap
image via Birch+Fog site

Another 4.8/5 review off the site that was completely truthful. Lavender is one smell that I will buy every product in for its scent. I love the fact that it lathers really nicely. I actually wish that this came in a body wash - just because that’s my preference over a bar soap. Maybe in the future. Main ingredients: Organic Goat's Milk and Glycerin Soap, Natural Mica Clay, Lavender Essential Oil, Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil, Hemp Oil and Hemp Terpenes. Price $11.99 CAN

Delush CBD Whipped Soap Scrub

image via Birch+Fog site

I’m really torn on this one. Hear me out... I totally get why it has 5 star reviews but it’s a product that in transit can shift and possibly shift the seal. When I received it I wasn’t sure if it was tampered or not. I reached out and their customer service (which super quick at responding) and they told me that all the scrubs in the warehouse look like that. So not to worry! A relief but I just wish I knew ahead of time. Anyways- it left my skin soft and had a pleasant smell. Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Foaming Bath Whip, Glycerin, Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance, CBD Isolate. Price $33.96 CAN

Overall. I think that I actually will order from the site again. 
What will I get next time?
I’m thinking the bath bombs or another batch of gummies.


  1. This is amazing. Girl, I completely understand I am good envious of my pre-baby self also. Great post.

  2. I love that you are shedding light on the benefits associated with CBD. I will definitely be incorporating them in my daily routines

  3. Hmm these sound really interesting. I've never tried gummies before, so i would be a newbie as well. After reading this I might try it out.

  4. I appreciate that you don't smoke, I feel like I got a real authentic opinion. The price isn't bad AND they're vegan. I have been having trouble sleeping and reading how it laid you out, I might give these a try haha


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