CATRICE Cosmetics has launched in Canada

This is my first time trying Catrice Cosmetics! 
I seen them in Shopper's Drug Mart earlier this year but totally had no time to explore. 

Who is Catrice Cosmetics?
A luxury-inspired makeup brand with VERY affordable prices. 
They launched in Canada in March. Hasn't even been a year in Canada yet!
I love that there are a lot of 5 star reviewed products on website.

Image from Catrice site
I was lucky that I sent some products to check out the line.

Catrice Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Finish Spray ($9.99 CAN)
I had a wedding recently and was out of setting spray. Let me tell you how this baby made my day!
I was pleasantly surprised by the shimmer in it. It wasn't overpowering and looked great in pictures.
What it does? 
Finishing spray to gives your skin a dewy/shimmery glow.

Catrice Prime & Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base ($9.99 CAN)
I have come to the conclusion that my favourite powder foundation NEEDS a matte primer underneath. Without it- I'm an oily mess... 
This is a VERY affordable alternative to the $50 CAN primer I just ran out of.
What it does?
Minimizes shine and refines your pores for foundation.

Catrice X Eman Cheeky Blush Palette ($14.99 CAN)

  Catrice X Eman Lit Highlighter Palette ($14.99 CAN)
 Catrice X Eman Bronzed AF Eyeshadow Palette ($14.99 CAN)

Catrice X Eman Cheeky Blush Palette ($14.99 CAN)

As a darker skinned black beauty blogger, I was happy that Eman's collection was something that I can actually use. Not all eye shadow/highlighter/blush palettes are inclusive. I was quite impressed with these. The shades are quite pigmented. The eye shadow was matte to pearl finishes. Also the highlighter/blush palette are both soft and easy to get colour on the first swipe.

Power Plumping Gel Lipstick ($9.99 CAN)
These actually applied nicely! They kinda had a gloss like look when applied. 
Also let me add that they're Vegan! Which is a huge plus!

If you are in Canada- Catrice products can be found at Shopper's Drug Mart.


  1. Great review! I'll definitely have to try this product line out💕

  2. Never heard of them but i like the bronze af eyeshadow palette! The colors look so bomb!

  3. I like the shadow palette, it's neutral for both seasons will check it out.

  4. skin being hydrated, soft and tender. BLACKWOOD FOR MEN


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