Decluttering Tips that you Need to Know if You're a New Mom

A mother’s job is hard enough! We have to stay organized and know where everything is at a moment's notice! Especially if your child is having a meltdown and not able to find what they are looking for. How many times do you go to a store and your child begs you to just buy one more toy, game or craft. In the back of your mind your thinking “oh geez”… MORE clutter to add to the mess. We have to constantly organize and declutter their spaces!

One golden nugget of truth is from when children are young always include them in the clean-up stages to help them be responsible and take pride in their space … bonus they tend to remember where things are too! It’s so hard to stay ahead of the game by cleaning and decluttering areas to help ease our stress but in the long run, keeps kids entertained and they learn as time goes on. I’m happy I came up with this plan- so I would stop doing double the work!

Here are my top tips for decluttering spaces

  1. Start with the major sift and purge all articles that are not age-appropriate. I know I have held onto items that just accumulate and take up more space and create chaos. I suggest all items not used or grown out, donate to a local organization. There are so many children that would benefit with the items from your children. Once you start the purge you will be able to have a better idea of what your child has and the best way to group them which leads me to my next point.

  2. Next, start the big organization. I suggest using storage bins that toys can be labeled (photos if the child can not read) and placed into. This will get kids to match the objects with the photos, that way they are learning at the same time teaching responsibility! We sing clean-up, clean-up! Everybody clean-up! FYI… start training them otherwise you’re headed for disaster-alley, as I did with my first child who is 21 and absolutely despises the thought of cleaning.

  3. Finally, any leftover toys I suggest storing them away for later. Rotate the toys! It gives the kids a chance to not get sick of the same mundane routine. Also try not to keep buying toys off an emotional move. My children are notorious for getting me in the store for just one more matchbox car and ends up being the whole race care track set! Then the chaos begins.

The more organization there is, helps you in the long run to balance the routine. You can keep a calendar to mark the days set aside for the declutter but depending on the size of your household it may be more frequent. 

But, my suggestion is to get into that routine you will be so thankful and your kids too!

Posted BY: Lisa


  1. These are great tips. I hate clutter so I'm always reorganizing and donating things.

  2. Thank you! This was super helpful.

  3. These are very helpful tips. I will definitely be putting these to use. Thanks, for sharing.


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