How to Choose the Best Nude Lipstick for Dark Skin

Nowadays, the beauty industry has come a long way with its inclusivity. It’s gotten easier to find complexion products that fit a range of skin types, and dark skin tones are finally getting the attention it deserves. Finding nude lipstick for my dark skin tone used to be a STRUGGLE. The colours were always way too light and I would end up looking so dry and ashy. I’m talking powdered doughnut looking lips y’ ma’am, not cute at all. If you know what I’m talking about, then you have a wider variety of rich colour options available now that will compliment your complexion and make your lips look gorgeous. Follow this ONE tip for choosing the best nude lipstick for your beautiful skin tone!

Know your Undertone...that’s it!

This is the key to finding the right shade. Your undertone can be cool or warm and you should base the shade of brown you choose on it. Also, keep in mind that our darker skin allows us to pull off nudes that are a shade lighter than our foundation color. You can determine the hue of lipstick you should get with this quick guide:

Warm Undertone

-golden and yellow hues

Cool Undertone

-red and berry hues

Stick to this simple rule when testing out nude lip products and I promise you will find your shade in no time. There are so many great companies out there that hold a range of shades and undertones in their nude lip lines!

What’s your undertone?

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