Canadian Black Women Owned Business We Need to Support

Small business are hurting now more than ever. Struggling to keep “doors” open online and in real life. This is our time to shop small and highlight companies who need a little boost. I've had the opportunity to play with some products from some Black Canadian women owned businesses for a few weeks now! So many gems out there and I haven't even touched the surface. I know my platform is small but I’m always willing to help! Even if it's just to put a new name out there for awareness!

Today I will be sharing four Black Canadian Women owned businesses 
that you need to put on your radar!  

First up is Unforgivingly Pur
A Beauty and Wellness company is owned sisters Rochelle & Cola Bennett. 
Their goal was to "create a wellness space that will change how people manage stress in their everyday lives, to provide global customers with tools, products, and services that promote a well-balanced life, and to have industry leading products."

On their site you can find quite a bit of high quality products which you can introduce into your daily lives. Such as Natural deodorant, Face/Body scrubs, Hand sanitizers and Body Cremes.

My favourite would definitely be their Body Scrubs! So far I've tried two! They are not harsh, smell amazing and good for you. I love that I can actually read and understand the ingredients! it might not seem like much to you but it's incredibly important to know what's in the products that you are putting into your body. 


One of their missions is to "provide effective natural skincare products that are suitable for all skin types and genders!"
The brand was founded in 2014 by Madeline Nwokeji. On the basis of something that we could all resonate with! Finding skincare options that worked for her sensitive skin!

On their site you can find products like Body butters, Body oils, Face mists, Serums, Face masks, Cleansers, Hand gels and MORE! And when I say more, I mean the site has EVERYTHING you could need to great a good self-care regime.

A few of my favourites are Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray! I keep that in my purse 24/7. I spray it after I come out of the stores because it's quick easy and effective. Also that Radiant Glow Elixir is EVERYTHING! It's rich in omega fatty acids and Vitamin C, A E, and F. Totally random but I also like using it on my décolleté because it's thick.


Natural beauty brand is made by Tania who is a hustler! Not only does she make yummy cakes but she also has a holistic line where she makes Natural beauty products. Everything smells soooooooo good! 

You can purchase Whipped Shea body butters, Lip Balms, Eye lash growth serums, Facial Toners or Bath soaks off their Instagram account. Two products that I would highlight would be 1) Bath soak - After long hours of running after your kids or working.... We all deserve to relax. A bath soak is such a treat!
  Also the Whipped body butter that smells so good! The mixture I received has lemongrass smells so good and unique. Everyone always asks me what I’m wearing after I used it on my hands! 


Have you heard of Buff Experts before?
Sina Zere is the co-founder of Buff Experts! A plant-powered collection of body care products.

I had the opportunity a while back to test out two intimate brand products: Carrot & Calendula Intimate Salve + Rose & Yogurt Intimate Cleanser. I don't need to go into the nitty gritty but it's so good! Especially the cleanser! It's free of harsh soap, synthetic fragrances, dyes and any of that nasty stuff! This is definitely a repurchase.

Please check out all these talented ladies above!

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  1. Such fabulous finds and I love shopping small too!! I love the sound of the lavendar hand sanitizer!!


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