Miss Persona Season 3 is here!

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I remember last year when I was flipping through channels and landed on Tree House. Miss Persona was on and the first thing Ava noticed was the cute yellow teddy bear who she screamed “Teddy Bear” every time he popped up on screen! If you’re not aware of Miss Persona... let me give you a quick rundown. Miss Persona and her shy teddy Brandon Bear have fun and solve problems with imaginative play! I mean there is a lot of work that goes into each episode and set. There are 75 new costumes this season! 

Along each of her adventures in her whimsical forest, she has a lot friends who often come along with her on her journeys. Notables that will be shown Season 3: Joe Motiki ( Hotel Transylvania The Series), Fred Penner (Children’s Music Performer), Alyson Stephanie Court (Big Comfy Couch and Mr. Dress up), Steven Kerzne (Ed the Sock) and more! Let me also add that this a 2x nominated Emmy (Yes that Emmy’s!) series. 

I love letting Ava watch each episode because they are extremely original! 
There is singing, dancing and crafts as well. 

Other facts- Each episode is under 15 mins! 
So it’s the perfect length to captivate little minds and have them wanting more! 

I was grateful that I was sent a Brandon Bear that Ava literally want to bring EVERYWHERE! Ava also got to see a the preview of the upcoming season 3 and loved seeing what Miss Persona and Brandon Bear got into! This season a lot happens- Like we get to meet Miss Persona’s mom and Brandon bear attends this first Pride Parade! 

If this sounds like a show that your little one would watch, check out the new season premiere of Miss Persona (December 7th) at 6:30pm EST on Treehouse with new episodes premiering every weekday! Plus check out Miss Persona music videos on Treehouse’s YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/WatchTheFlakesFall

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