Last Minute stocking stuffers

  I’m trying to figure out if things are going to fast or too slow right now. Either way it all seems like a blur!! More than half the people I polled on Instagram told me that they have their Christmas gift’s already. Personally, I feel like there will be a lot of gift cards being given. Which is good but we all will miss the personable part of wrapping and filling out Christmas cards. But stocking stuffers always good add on! I always make sure that I have a few stocking stuffers personalized for each person! They don’t even have to be super expensive! 
Some you can even pick up from your local drugstore! 

Here is my beauty edition:  

If you don’t know me I am the queen of masks! 
I have a mask for every skin ailment LOL!
For hydration, fine lines, tired eyes...  should I keep on going on? 
Here are three brands that you can find in the drugstore today!

Shout out to The Skin Republic who gifted me a full slew of masks to play with. I was introduced to the brand in 2017. Check out this Skin Care post! This is the first time I'm seeing the 24k Gold peel-off mask! I'm really feeling these because of the ability to open and close them. Sometimes it's too much in one packet or I feel like using half! Sometimes I come back to it and it's all dried out! Such a waste. This will totally prevent that! 

I feel like I'm the unofficial 7th heaven ambassador. I love their masks and always suggest them to others who are newbies in the mask game. This is the first brand of face masks - I've ever used.  This one is a CBD 24-hour hydration mask. I don't even have to tell you about the endless benefits that's in this mask! CBD oil, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oil is in this one. So it's such a treat!

Garnier has these new masks that are a game changer! The Fresh Mix Mask has 95% natural origin ingredients. This one includes Vitamin C. This one is very DIY- Once the mask is mixed with the serum! It instantly jellifies! Quick and easy! 

  Lipsticks/Lip glosses/Lip scrubs 

I don’t think there is a year that I don’t give these out! I usually start collecting from the middle of the year from the sales that go on. Shout out to Quo! If you're Canadian- you totally know this brand. The ultimate stocking stuffers from them are lip gloss crackers! Open them up to gift separately or give the whole set to the makeup lover in your life!  They also have a new line in-store. Even more lipsticks and lip glosses in-store.  For younger ones, lip balms are definitely great! Burt Bee’s is always at the top of list! 
Natural and good for you at can easily be found at any drug store.

Body Care

I saw this and completely feel in love with it!
Foamie is a Shower Sponge with "soap" inside. It's free of sulfates, soap, silicone & lilial. It's perfect because you don't need extra when you shower just this sponge! Nice, easy and stress free!

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