Battling the Canadian Winters with three easy steps!

This time of year, I always start feeling the weather in the form of dry skin. Not sure about you guys, but by the end of November I sometimes feel like an old AND dried up. Yes, I know I'm over dramatic but these Canadian winters are NO JOKE! Now, if you face this problem every year, too you may be wondering what we can do to hydrate our skin and keep it fully moisturized. 

Luckily, I have 3 solutions that are bound to hit the spot!

Lip Masks 
When the coats of Chapstick just aren't cutting it anymore, lip masks are hydrating and gentle on the lips. Bonus points if they're the ones that you wear when you sleep. They leave your lips feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

These are highly concentrated formulas that can be used to address anything from blemishes to aging, and are excellent for hydrating the skin. Simply apply to clean skin after you finish washing your face and let that moisture sink in! 

Face Masks 
The ultimate saviour in healing and hydrating. Face masks have been around forever, but there have been a lot of recent developments leading to better and more moisturizing formulas. Also, they are just fun to wear! I always keep myself stocked up and ready to go.

 These are only 3 options, and it's important to find what works best for you. 
No matter what you choose, your skin will be a lot happier with you over the coming months!

What is your skin care warrior?

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