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Top 10 Best Products of 2012

This has been a GREAT year for new collections!
As a Canadian Beauty Blogger, I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to try out
  these products and share them with you.

Let's get started!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Deep 

Deep brown girls rejoice! There was an amazing BB cream made for us this year!
I can never express how excited I was to finally be apart of this movement.

There is a great Canadian product which I actually finished within a month.
No sharpener needed!

Perfect color for EVERY skin tone!
These are a life saver!
Probably one of the best nail strips I've tried.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams
Pigmented, long lasting, waterproof & creamy!
Get every color if you can!

If you haven't tried Mary Kay, you're missing out!
It's such a great line that has something for everyone.
I'm always amazed how pigmented and silky their shadows are.

I've said this once and I'll say it again: This is liquid gold!
One the best highlighters I own!

Givenchy: Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara
This an amazing high-end mascara which does everything it claims.
Intense volume, strong curl, infinite length, and complete lash care.

Another waterproof gem!
I love these because they are small enough to fit in my purse. 

Another great collection by OPI!
Why is it my favourite? Just check out the swatches!

There were so many other products that deserve attention but these were my favourites.

Let me know if you you tried any of these products before!

I love Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Have you ever bought into a beauty "hype"? It's a product that you see a celebrity endorsing or a popular product blowing up youtube/blogs. I did a few months ago and I'm so happy I did.

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder is liquid gold. Okay.. Maybe I'm over exaggerating but it's pretty awesome!  There was a time when this product was on back order on every website that it was sold on! Some ladies waited up to four weeks to get their hands on a bottle. How insane is that?!? It's all because Kim Kardashian's makeup artist featured it in one of his videos. I'm happy I purchased my bottle from Camera Ready Cosmetics before the true hype set in.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Kim K and I are not the same color. We're probably at the opposite ends of the color spectrum. That's the beauty of the Banana powder. It can work for several skin tones. One tip would be not to use a large amount of it if your a deeper skin tone. I found that using a light amount and buffing it in works best(for me).

If you use a large amount, instead of a glow under your eyes you will have a serious white cast in pictures. If you get a good buffing brush, you're set!
I'll leave you all with a picture of me wearing the banana powder:
Under my eyes looks amazing!
Now I'm interested in purchasing other colors from the line.

Have you heard of this product and would you purchase it?