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Eylure Lashes- Up Close & Personal

I have a confession... I am a lash junkie. My obsession is a little different than others because I collect them. The funniest part of my obsession is the fact that I don't wear them! I can put them on others perfectly but not myself. I told myself this year that one of my goals will be taking the time out and having patience to put them on-without getting frustrated!

Thankfully Eylure has added four brand new Naturalites style additions to their line. 
These lashes are very natural looking and perfect for every occasion. 
I took close-up HD pictures for you all to see if these lashes are for you.
Feel free to click them to see them in their original size
The 011s, 032s, 035s and 083s are variations on current popular Eylure varieties 
and compliment both day or night looks.

Eylure Naturalites 011 Lashes are sweet and romantic, full lashes without fuss.
These are my faves! I love how it goes short to longer on the edges. 

Eylure Naturalites 035 Lashes add natural volume for a subtly full look.

Eylure Naturalites 083 Lashes adds fullness and length to lashes.

Eylure Naturalites 082 Lashes is a superfine lash one of the most natural looking.

They also debuted two new styles in the Katy Perry Lashes collection.
These lashes can be reapplied and are perfect for first-time wearers!

Katy Perry Self Adhesive Lashes Darling. A full and fabulous style for a classic evening look. A great style for defining the eye and the self-adhesvie strip makes this so quick to apply.
Katy Perry - Darling Lashes
Katy Perry Self Adhesive Lashes Pretty. The style is `Pretty' and is as lovely as its name. A brilliant lash for adding volume and extra length, the self-adhesive strip makes this so quick to apply.

Aren't these lashes GORGEOUS!

I also forgot to add:
  • 100% Natural Hair
  • Can be trimmed to appropriate size
  • Reusable
  • Contact lens friendly
Which lash would you wear?

Suggested price is $7.99 CDN.