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Love: Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter

One thing about The Body Shop is that they always come up with the best scent combination. 
At first, when you hear them- you wonder.. How in the world is that going to smell?  
But! It always works out. I recently tried Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter ($20.00 CAN). 

We all know about the benefits of green tea. I honestly live by it! 
This product is no different. Just for your skin. 

Smooth on replenishing hydration, while detoxing body and soul with the crisp and refreshing scent of Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter.

This is actually their first collection which is infused with green tea leaves from Mount Fuji.

Top 5 reasons you need to get your hands on this body butter:

  • Not greasy
  • Very hydrating
  • Infused with green tea 
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Contains Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana
The best tip I got from a Body Shop employee was to apply this butter right after you come out of the shower for maximum absorption. 

Canadian Pre-Holiday Prep!

I can't believe the holiday's are already here! It seems like yesterday, I was in June and I was celebrating my birthday in Dominican Republic. I really need a vacation *sigh*.. Is it just me or do you feel like in the summer everything is perfect. Perfect skin, hair, body.. my list can go on and on. Now I have to work a little harder to make sure that everything is perfect. As a Canadian Beauty Blogger, I compiled a little list of awesome Canadian products which may help you get prepped for the holidays.

Lise Watier - Beauty in a Flash Kit
This must-have of the holiday season is inspired by the concept of the Advent calendar, where you can find behind each door a "beauty in a flash" solution to get an express beauty makeover. ($42.00)
  BIO LIFT EYE PATCH moisturize and reduce visible signs of fatigue around the eyes.
FLASH LIFT RADIANCE VIALS Quickly erase signs of fatigue, visibly smooth lines and wrinkles, while brightening your complexion. For instant lift and radiance, apply under or over makeup.
VENT DU SUD Blending the sensual, feminine notes of passion flower, jasmine and rose with the warmth of an exotic fruit cocktail and the sweet, hot traces of amber, vanilla and wood-scented musk, Vent du Sud Eau de Toilette is your passport to the exotic.

Elizabeth Grant - Moisturizing Socks
Help soften and hydrate cracked dry heels. These non-slip socks help to keep feet looking soft and moisturized to help repair chapped heels and toes ($29.99).

Look inside these socks!!
Whenever I take them off, my feet are always super soft.
I'll share what product I use with them in another post soon.
This thick, rich formula is packed with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, White Willow bark and Calendula extracts($24.99).
A little bit goes a love way and it smells so good!

I should also add this for anyone who is looking for holiday gifts.
The Shopping Channel has several Holiday Specials which is definitely worth checking out.

They also have a payment plan which works on EVERY item.

 What have you been using to prep yourself
for the holidays?

GRATiAE Exfoliating Body Scrub & Body Butter

As a child, I remember my mother having the most luxurious cream and perfume bottles.
Now that I'm older, I totally understand why.

I know I'm not the only one who buys things because of the packaging!
It totally makes you feel good.

That's how I felt when I received GRATiAE.
GRATIAE is a skin care line that has been designed with one purpose in mind: anti-aging. It successfully makes use of Gratiae's thermal spring water and combines it with exclusive materials, flora native to the Sea of Galilee and organic plants.
 I remember taking the products out of the box and my mother "ohh-ing" and "ahh-ing" about how 
great the packaging looks without knowing about the contents.

Exfoliating Body Scrub - Passion Fruit & Lime
This refreshing body scrub exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalized. It accelerates blood circulation and leaves your skin refreshed and soft.

I was totally not expecting literal sugar.
 It's best to take some out add a few drops of water and scrub in a circular motion.

 Body Butter - Passion Fruit and Ginger
This silky body butter is a rich, creamy, all-over body moisturizer formulated with natural and organic ingredients. Easily absorbed into the skin, it conditions, softens, and prevents dryness. 

This is a very rich butter. It melts into your skin without any greasy residue.
I don't think I've ever used a body butter like this before! I'm very impressed.
When applying it make sure to fully moisturize it into your skin and feel your hands after.

Look at my before & after:
Overall, if you're comfortable with paying a little more for a luxurious product I'd recommend GRATiAE.
I promise that you will be happy with your decision!