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Currently Obsessed: Maybelline New York TattooStudio™ Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

It’s been a while since I posted a currently obsessed product! During my pregnancy, I used very few products. Girl... but the ones that I used- I loved! I literally ran them into the ground. I need to stock up ASAP.

At the moment, I don’t really wear a lot of make up. Newborn life has taken over (there will be an update on that soon).... but one of the number one things that I need decent if I leave the house is my brows. 

A few Months ago Maybelline sent their New York TattooStudio™ Waterproof Eyebrow Gel over. Have you seen the commercials?

Anastasia Beverly Hills + The Perfect Wedding Brows

As a beauty blogger, one of my favourite things is getting to meet the creators of a product.
When I received an email from Sephora asking me if I wanted meet with Anastasia Soare, brow expert and beauty specialist to the stars, I responded with a quick yes! 

An area on my face that doesn't get as much TLC as it should is my brows!
I never know what products to use to get the perfect look. At the event, I got to have a one-on-one with her (She did my brows!!!)  and speak about her key products.

From our talk I discovered that I need to invest in brow stencils!

They're easy to use and made of plastic that can cleaned and reused.
A fuller brow works for my bone structure and I need to stop talking so much off the top and let them grow in.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade is a bride's best friend!

I'm overdramatic but I fear I'll sweat out my brows on my big day. Anastasia suggested using the DIPBROW™ Pomade because it's smudge-free and waterproof. Go in with light strokes to get a natural looking brow. She picked the colour Ebony for me.

Every girl has to have a Brow gel in their possession.
To set your brows it's good to finish them off with a gel.
Clear is perfect because it goes with all skin tones.

What are your brow must haves?

Sally Hansen Perfect Plucker Scissor Style Tweezers

I get my brows threaded twice a month. In the between time, I try to maintain some decent looking brows.

Brows can easily make or break your face. I know that's harsh but it's the truth.

My brow hair is thick and grows pretty fast. I honestly struggle to pluck out the stray hairs sometimes.

Lately I have been using my trusty Sally Hansen Perfect Plucker Scissor Style Tweezers.

They can be found in your local drug store like Shopper's Drug Mart or Zellers.

The "scissor" style grip is easy to maneuver. It allows me to grip the hair firmly and grab on to any small thick hairs which are starting in grow in. Plus the handles are the perfect size for my fingers.

The best part of about these tweezers is the fact that you can find them for under $10.00. That may be steep for some but I know a brand that cost 20.00+ and they're pretty popular. If I can get the same quality for half the price I'll stick with that.

I know someone out there may be interested in seeing it in "action". Here is a picture of me trying to clean up some stray brow hairs.

As you can see it's pretty easy to use.

If there is anyone out there with some thick unruly brows, this may be a great option for you.

It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil - Must have!

In my past August Favs post, I noted the It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil as one of my must haves. Not a day goes by that I don't have it in my purse. I have thick black brows and it works without being ashy and chalky.
Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil with Brow Enhancing Technology transforms and adjusts to all brow hair colours. The oval shaped tip creates the most natural looking, believable brow and is perfect for both thin and thick brows. The long-wear formula is waterproof & smudge-resistant. It Cosmetics Exclusive Brow Enhancing Complex uses a patent-pending blend of cutting-edge ingredients to target the look of brow hair loss, and helps restore your brow hair follicles - promoting the look of healthy hair growth and health.
Side 1:                                                                               Side 2:

Brow Break Down:

Consistency/Color Pay off:
The pencil glides smoothly across my brows every time.

If you're in Canada this pencil can be bought for $24.00 on the shopping channel.
Pricey for some but if your like me (black thick-haired brows) it's hard to find a pencil that isn't too light/dark.
Totally worth it!

Brow without the pencil:
YES I know I was due for the threading appointment! 
Don't Judge me! Haha

with the pencil:

  • Found in Canada 
  • Paraben-free, Non-comedogenic, Hypo-allergenic
  • Waterproof, Sweatproof and Smudge-Resistant
  • Universal shade adjusts to all skin tones and hair colours
  •  Small enough to be put in your purse
  • As I stated before the price is an issue for some.
This pencil is amazing! Just look at my after pictures: Not only is it a perfect match but it softens my brow color as well. If you're looking to invest in a pencil that will do EVERYTHING you want it to, get this!