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Let's Talk: Eye creams?

How do you feel about anti-aging skincare? 
I'll admit I don't use it as much as I should. I am blessed to look much younger than my age. 
Plus I have good genes from my parents..but going down the line who knows what's in-store for me. 

Right now one of my favorites is the philosophy miracle worker which is a anti-aging cleanser and mask that has lactic acid (read about it here) and all that good stuff for my skin. 

One thing I know I should be adding to my regimen is eye cream. 
I have small little laugh lines but who knows how deep they can get in the next few years. 
Maybe it's me.. but I just like to keep my skin care regiment short and quick.

Right now I'm going TRY to add something new. 
Kosmea has a product called Apple of my eye cream ($49.99 CAN) that looked interesting.

Kosmea Apple of My Eye Cream is a super-active eye cream, formulated with PhytoCellTec™ and powerful natural actives to leave the skin feeling refreshed, brighter and younger looking.
One of the reasons why I think that I'll be more inclined to use it is because it's a pump with an applicator which means it should be a pretty quick application. 

Questions: Do you wear eye cream?  
Do you apply it before or after your moisturizer also do you serums? 
Let me know in the comment section below.