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Father's Day Fragrance Inspiration: Fendi & Kenzo

Do you know what you're getting dad for Father's day?
You have all day Saturday to shop! 

Choosing the right fragrance can sometimes be difficult- specially when it's for your dad. I chose two fragrances that I think any dad would love. I broke it into two categories.

 Everyday Dad and Sporty Dad. 
I know that Everyday dad can be a sporty dad and a sporty dad can
 be an everyday dad but just trust me on this one!

Let's get started on with the fragrance on the left.

Everyday Dad:
Fan di FENDI Pour Homme ACQUA ( SRP $88.00 CAN)
This is perfect for that hard working dad who really wants a nice modern scent to wear on his days off.
Audacious and ultra-contemporary, that is the Fendi style.

In perfect balance with traditional craftsmanship and innovation, Fendi fashion and fragrances create a singular alchemy of line and material. The kind of extreme refinement where luxury, the art of living and innovation combine together in that inimitable Italian way. The ultimate expression of this style.
Loved this! The best way to describe the scent was fresh. Not overpowering but very commanding. Make sense? Italian notes of Lavender, Bergamot, Musk, and Lemon plus more can be found in this bottle.

Sporty Dad:
KENZO Sport Homme ( SRP $90.00 CAN)
This is perfect for the sporty dad who is always on the go. A signature scent that can light up a room.
A natural born athlete. He has nothing to prove: his body speaks for him. A free spirit, naturally sexy, never takes himself too seriously. Nature is his playing field. A fresh aromatic eau de toilette with tonic notes, and a strong personality.      
This description is the best way to describe the fragrance. It's just cool, laid back and sexy! Mint, pepper and cedar are some of the scents found in this bottle.

Givenchy Makeup & Fendi Fall 2012

Have you ever had the opportunity to be inside a Sephora before it opened to the public?
 I have!