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The Body Shop Fall 2013: Honeymania, Colour Crush & Camomile Make-up Removal Collection

Yes you seen the f-word in the title. F-A-L-L! Yes I said it. It's coming and we need to talk about it.
In my opinion fall has the most gorgeous colour palettes and inspiration. 

I had the opportunity to attend an amazing Body Shop event back in June. 
It was the first time in a while that I've "ohhh" and "aweee" over products. 

Let's start off with Honeymania! I love honey. 
Grew up with it and I would never get tired of it.
Trust me everything smells as good as it looks!

Honeymania features for rich community fair trade honey that comes from the Ethiopian rainforest.
 The line has everything you need such as lip balm, bar soap, bubble bath melt, shower gel, eau de toilette, body scrub and butter. (In-stores Oct 7, 2013)

I should add the soap is the lowest price point starting at $4.00 dollars 
and the highest is the body butter at $20.00. 

This August is all about color!
The new colour crush collection has 30 Mono eyeshadows to choose from. One of my favorite things about the shadow was the pigmentation and the staying power. These eyeshadows are blend of community fair trade Brazil nut oil, marula oil, honey, organic virgin coconut oil and sesame seed oil. Everything is 100% cruelty free. Each shadow cost $10.

I could not leave the lipstick table. The new colour crush lipstick collection is something that you should definitely get your hands on. 24 vivid colors that range from the brightest reds to beautiful nudes and the sweetest pinks. Each lipstick is affordable at the price of $13.
Look at the pigmentation!!

One product that should be on every beauty blogger list this August is the new camomile make-up removal collection. I fell in love with the cleansing butter ($16) &Muslin Cloth ($8.50).
Which product would you like to try?