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Kim Professional Makeup Brushes Review

A few months ago I was contacted by a rep from a brand called Kim Professional Makeup Brushes. I never heard of the brand and I had no idea what to expect. I was given three brushes to try.
  • F251 for face
  • L311 for lips
  • E131 for brows
L251 A large round brush designed specifically for application of wet make-up. The white synthetic and soft hair combination allows for maximum color and liquid retention.

I really wanted to love this but it just wouldn't stop shedding. Look at the pictures above for reference.
USES:  Liquid foundation and powder blush (which is still left on the brush..sorry).
L311 A flat, tipped brush, for precise lining of the lip contour and for perfect application of lip cream and gloss.
 A few weeks ago this baby came in handy at one of my gigs.
I swear it looked better before.
I think I killed it by doing like 30 lips. I used beautysoclean after EVERY use. 
Either way its still soft.


E131 A flat angular brush, perfect for precise lines and detailed work. Emphasizing lining and shaping of the eyes and the eyebrows.
 It`s an angled brush that does the trick.
Okay, well I have two complaints: I wish it was a tiny bit stiffer and again the handle is a bit long for me.

Soft brushes

Long handles
Frosty handles don`t work with the natural oils in your hands

Have you tried Kim Professional Makeup Brushes before?