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CityLine Blogger Special + Tweet up

I had the chance to attend my first CityLine taping which was dedicated to bloggers like me! The audience was full of mainly on beauty, mom, decor and food bloggers. I was happy to see a few beauty bloggers I knew sitting in the audience.

I cant explain how amazing an experience it was..If you don't already know I have a diploma in Broadcasting-Film, Television and Film so, the organization and dedication of the show being put together was amazing. Definitely one of my dream jobs!

Here are some pictures during the show:
We were allow to tweet!!
The coolest part of the day was the tweet up at Ritz Carlton!! Yes Ritz Carlton in Toronto. The hotel is gorgeous! Such a huge treat.
The gorgeous Tracy's and the beauty bloggers!
Picture from
Check them out:
Jillo Jello: Batting a Lash
Farah : Faces By Farah
Joy: Makeup Junkie
Anita: Primped and Proper
Anjali: Rock That Look
Nancy: Nancy Power Makeup Artist
Michelle: Lipstick Rules
Tracy P: Tracy P Makeup

At the show we were given a huge bag of goodies. I had to highlight the stuff I'll be reviewing soon :)