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Halloween, "How did I get Here"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The atmoshpere is pitch black and smells like rotting flesh.
All I remember is a party last night. ... And boy was it wild..Since I didnt live too far I decided to walk home taking the backroads. This was nothing new to me...climb  over the fence, turn right and your on my street...that was truly not the case this night.."How did I get here" By: Jennifer F

Hey Girlies, This is my Halloween post. I wrote that story in 3 minutes on my blackberry. I wanted to set the mood for these great pics! These were actually done Last year...but I was too shy to post them on my blog..

I used a 2.00 kit to achieve this look. After playing with this kit I fell in LOVE! SFX make-up really made me happy and I was going to go back to school for it, so I could add MUA to my list. Long story short I ended up going back for glamour make up instead.

So we have brusing, "dried" blood under the nose and on the forehead &"runny"blood coming from the gash on the forehead and lips. Pretty fab I hope you like it!! Happy Halloween!


  1. OMG, the picture scared me I though you were really injured at first lol.

  2. wow ! u did an awesome job !
    im amazed !haha

  3. great job girl! love it, the blood looks to real girl I thought you were serious LOL

  4. Awesome look! Love it! Have an awesome weekend & Halloween! By the way, love the story.


  6. looks so real!!! love it :)!

  7. That creeped me out! It looks so real and disgusting! LOL

  8. Thanks everyone!
    I hope i didn't scare you!!


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