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My NEW Hair Muse Angela Simmons

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whenever I need some hair inspo I have been googling Angela Simmons lately. She has totally grown into her own. Now I can add her to my list of current style favorites with Rihanna &  Kim K <3



  1. Who is her hair stylist, damn!!!! Her hair is FIRE!

  2. Angela Simmons hair always looks so amazing!

  3. Damn! She too fine lol she is one stunning lady love e hairstyle great pick hun x

  4. Really? I haven't liked her hair much lately. :/ lol

  5. She is always stunning. Hair and fashion sense is bananas!

  6. Wow she really has grown into her own. I want to try the hairstyle in the first pic!

  7. Wow she really has come into her own, although I haven't made up my mind about whose prettier, her or her sister - these are fabulous pics!

  8. Oh, she actually wears the hair from a company I work with called Indique. Their hair is awesome! (I'm a weave fan ;-))

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