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I Love... Cosmetics Giveaway!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I recently stocked up on some I Love... Cosmetics for the Summer. This brand can be found in your local Shopper Drugmart.

They come in fun flavors like:
Mango & papaya
Blueberry & smoothie
strawberries & milkshake
and several more....

I'm currently loving Tropical Paradise.
Fabulous fruit cocktail of cream of coconut, pineapple juice and fresh grapefruit.

Paradigm Cosmetics is giving one of my Canadian Readers the opportunity to get a gift pack from I love...Cosmetics!

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  1. I have never tried there products before but I love stawberry scents and coconut :)

  2. I haven't tried anything by them but I would love to try out the raspberry and blackberry

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  4. I haven't used any of their products, but smell them every.single.time lol I loves strawberries & milkshake!


  5. I would enjoy the Tropical Paradise scent or the Coconut & cream scent.

  6. Tropical Paradise sounds amazing.. I always love that type of scent. :]

  7. Strawberries and Milkshake is my favorite!!

  8. strawberries & milkshake is my favorite

    belinda mcnabb

  9. I haven't tried anything from I Love yet but I LOVE fruit scents so probably Mango & Papaya! :)

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  11. I have not heard of I Love... Cosmetics. What a cute name! lol! I am curious to know hoe everything smells. By the name of the products I bet they smell yummy. lol! Out of all the flavors, I would go for Mango & papaya. It was hard choosing between that one and Strawberry and Milkshake but I have a lot of strawberry products. Time for a change. lol

  12. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

  13. There's a vanilla flavor i'd love to try.

  14. strawberry milkshake!

    GFC: adilac
    email: lcalida at

  15. I haven't tried these products yet, but I LOVE fruity scents!

  16. I love the Tropical Paradise the most.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com


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