Adulting: Shopping at Lowe's Canada

So the first time in my adult life, I have a lawn & backyard which requires maintenance. I grew up in house which was a part of the condominium complex. So all my parents had to do was pay the complex monthly and they would take care of everything outside. They took care of the grass, shovelled snow, paint and even planted trees/flowers. Now as a married woman....  although I don't have to mow the lawn or shovel snow, it is my responsibility to try to keep the house as warm and inviting as can be!

I was sent a Lowe's Canada Spring/Summer Style Guide for inspiration. Which literally made me want to overhaul my whole house and start over. The emphasis was on 4 patio trends: Metro Modern, Renewed Formality, Gracious Living & Cuban Cool. Each theme takes the guess workout of the stress of finding decor that works together. Plus it's exclusive to Lowe’s Canada.

Here are some of my favourite looks:

Colour anyone?

This is a dream!

My backyard is horrible right now, I will spare you a picture. I decided go with the front of the house since that is a visual point that people mostly see when they drive-by. I decided to go to Lowe's at Markham Road and Steeles on Victoria day. Which I might add I am happy that the garden centre was open. With a giftcard that Lowe's Canada provided me with!
My Husband in Lowe's Canada picking the flowers I wanted.

My full cart!

We decided to go with two Azura Tall Urns (usually $14.99 CAN) which were actually on sale! Now for the flowers (Begonias) part, I did something different. I bought to hanging planters for the urns. Why? I just liked the arrangements better than the potted one.  Just a preference.

Just for photo purposes:

At first I thought it was a good idea to have two different types of plants but I am slowly rethinking that one so I'll probably end up going back to get the pink plants and putting up the hanging planter.

How are you planning to update your outdoor space for the summer?


What if you were told that you had to keep your makeup regimen to three products.
Would it be hard for you? It would be the easiest choice for me.
  • A liquid lipstick
  • Lashes
  • Concealer
Years ago concealer would never be in my top three "survival" products. But I won't lie, I love how awake it makes me look. Especially days when the world is trying me and I'm surviving on NO sleep. 

As a woman of colour, I know that we are prone to getting dark under eye circles. With the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Concealer’s ($34.00 CAN)  you don't need a lot to get the job done! I also forgot to add that the concealers have a Anti-Dark Circle Complex with Radiance Booster.

What does that mean?
  • It supports collagen to refresh and awaken the undereye area. 
  • Helps with filling and smoothing fine lines.
I'm happy to say that the darker shades have been added to the line 
which now makes a total of 14 shades.

For me, it gives me a medium coverage (that I can thin out to light coverage) but I know if you layer it - you can get full coverage.


I was given a few shades to try but there are two which I'd reach for more than the others.

I mix:
R50 & R52
**If there was a 51 it would suit me perfectly!


R50 & R52 mixed together:

Are you a fan of MUFE products?

Basic Brow Combos with Arbonne Cosmetics

So my holy grail brow product has now finished. I'm now kind of jumping from unsuccessful brow products- one right after the other. It's tragic.. I know. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

 I had the opportunity to try out some brow products from Arbonne to get my to get my brow basics down pat. I don't know about you but brows are so important to me. When they just get done! GIRL!!! I swear I feel like nobody can tell me anything.

 Here is my brow in its natural state, you can see I have very long and thick brow hairs. So if you accidentally take out a few extra hairs accidentally it really shows!

To be able to get a bold striking brow- (which I might add is the look you see all the celebrities rocking right now) it's best to start off with a brow pencil.

Why do you need a brow pencil first?
You need something that going to shape and create the overall look that you're going for. I used the Shape It Up Brow Pencil– Dark ( CAN $32.00) which was actually pretty easy to use.  
Good thing about this product is that it's retractable! 
No sharpening need. 

On the other side is a brow spoolie which is really important part of brow life! 
Before you do your brow you can use it to brush up and pluck out any stray hairs. 
Or to distribute product through out your brows.

In short brush stroke type movements create your desired shape. 

 With Shape It Up Brow Pencil– Dark

For some people, that's enough! They can go out the door and conquer the world. For me, I'm a little bit extra and I need more. I also paired the pencil with a tinted brow cream! Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream ( CAN $32.00) is actually an awesome little product. 
The formula is buildable. It's not watery but it is water resistant and smudge-proof. The cream is really cool it almost reminds me of little fibres when applied. It creates a soft look!

Lastly you can take this route if you want it's super extra but I usually leave the little block at the front of my eyebrows with NO product.  I finish off by taking the eyebrow gel (CAN $22.00) and I just brush my hair in place.

Finished look:

Remember...There is no wrong combo when it comes to your brows. I should also add that the brow pencil and tinted brow cream have larch and green tea extract which actually helps with making your brows look fuller. 

What do you think about my brows? 
If you're interested in the products above -please contact your Arbonne rep or shop online.
Let me know in the comments below.

Purse: Declutter & Simplify

I think I've reached a part in my life where I'm ready to simplify.*I hope my husband isn't reading this*... Simplify is such a scary word because if you knew how many things I own right now you would know that it's REALLY needed.

But for me, not to overwhelm myself... I have to start small. Soooo why not start with my purse. 
I used to be the queen of large purses... It all dates back to college and every girl had one of those large TNA bags. It was perfect for me! I could fit my laptop, lunch and whatever essentials I needed for a full day of class. 


Don't get me wrong- having a large purse had perks. I love the fact that I would be able to carry a literal store everywhere I went. But man my shoulders were in pain!

I was still playing around with a big bag recently but what I was finding that was my bag was so empty. And surprisingly, I couldn't find anything in there.

Here is my current bag from Kate Spade. This bag is ideal for me because of the compartments. There's a middle compartment that has a zipper to side compartments that just have a clasp holding it together. Super simple and fashionable.


What do I carry in a small bag?
For me:
  • I have a large wallet.
  • Make up bag with my beauty essentials for today. 
  • In the inside compartment I have my feminine products.
  • At the bottom you can find a few hair ties, iphone cord, cream, tea bag and mints.

    Maybe down the line with kids, I might go back to the bigger bag.
    Right now, the smaller bags are less stress on my shoulder and less clutter in my life.

    So let me know are you a big bag or a small bag girl?