Postpartum acne is REAL!

I’m not sure how this post will be received but I know there will be one person out there who would/will identify. Let’s talk skin! One thing that isn’t spoken about enough is... Postpartum acne. 
I didn’t even know it was a thing until I researched it.
Maybe two weeks after having my daughter -my skin went crazy. It started on my nose and spread. Although it was the happiest time- it was also the saddest time as well. I know some will say - girl it’s just skin. Stop being dramatic! But when people start commenting on it - it hurts. "Do you wash your face?" or "Yikes. Are you okay?".

Why does Postpartum acne happen? 
Also “toxins” leaving your body which clog your pores. 
Some get it- some don’t. just has to run its course.

To get rid of it I tried some of my old tricks. Starting with tea tree oil. Didn’t work. 
I tried mild cleansers. No change. 

In the end- it was a toner that I bought from lush that REALLY made it start to calm down. Main ingredients: Sea water, aloe vera gel and rose. Plus I drank a lot of water!

There are a lot of things in pregnancy that I totally didn't know about. Although everyone is different- there are so many shared experiences?

Have you heard of or had Postpartum acne before?


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