Fashion Rambles: Talking hats & Marilyn Monroe tees

Ye just some fashion face is pretty naked but still! Just MAC Plushlash & Sapplious...But we're not here to talk about makeup..

I love hats! I wear one like 4 out of 7 days a week. It look super cute with curls or straightened hair! I get all my hats from H&M. This one was from H&M's Hennes department and it $3.50 on sale!!

I have:
- white- 2 blacks
- grey
- brown

I always keep my hats half way off my hair, perfect to show off curls like in the pic :)

But I need to get red to match my Olympics gloves!!

Isn't shirt fab!?! I got it from Burlington Coat factory for $4.99!!

I like graphic tees because you can dress them up and down easily:)

Do you like hats or graphic tees & how do you wear them?


  1. How cute do you look! I need to get more berets. I want a yellow, purple, blue, and white one. :)

    Love that top!! I don't want many graphic tees like I used to.

  2. i love those hats! especially on bad hair days when u can just stuff it all in there lol

  3. i have no berets but i have lots of graphic tees

  4. Aren't you cute? & I love a bargain! Go Jenn! I don't have any berets. I don't have any graphic tees either. I've got a whole lot going on up top & try to keep it simple. A blank canvas. I can't do w/ the "extra attention". LOL

  5. aww thx girlies for the input! I Should do a hat giveaway one day :)

  6. Cute look, I always seen these berets around until recently I have been wanting one but I'm a cheapie so I will wait till they are on sake to get them. Hopefully it looks cute on your tee, I love graphic tees.

  7. That hat looks great! I can't rock hats, I think I look strange haha :)

  8. Thanks again girls!
    I should do a hat giveaway one of these days :)

  9. hey wt size shirt do u wear? might get u some graphic tees from here :)

    i used to like statement tees, btw. now i'm more into plain shirts. hehe


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