Toronto Beauty Bloggers Meet up!! (pic heavy)

This sunday I had the chance to meet some amazing girls. TBBM was organized by FacesbyFarah!! This girl is amazing, she did a great job putting everything together. Believe it or not there were 18 beauty bloggers & 7 beauty companies!!

Beauty companies that attended were:
  • Cargo Cosmetics 
  • CoverFX
  • Balmshell 
  • Marcelle/Annabelle
  • Vashanti 
  • FaceAtelier
  • Dalish  
 At the end everyone walked away with bags in there hands! No one was left out :)

I can't wait until the next one! Everyone was super sweet and I can't wait to meet you with you all again <3
Me & Anjail
Joy & Naomi
Isabel(Annabelle/Marcelle) &I
 Jenn, Me &Mariana 
Farah & Megan (Cargo)
Melissa (Coverfx) 
Michelle & Karyn(Balmshell) in the background 
Me & Naomi
Ande & Sian (faceatelier) 
 Naz, Nat & Sarah


  1. That is so cool, I wish I could go to something like that :( lol

  2. Great photos Jenn!! It was so nice to meet you. Love the layout of your site btw!! :)

  3. Kaybova.. Aww mayb one day :)
    Make-up junkie.. Thx Joy you're so sweet :)

  4. wow, looks like fun! :) Everyone looked great.

  5. Great pics!!! Thanks for keeping me company in the car :) It was great to meet you!!

  6. awww how nice :) I always say I wanted these things here and never see them except in other cities lol

  7. Love the pics! It was great getting to meet you! :)

  8. Wow! How exciting! Love the pics :-)

  9. Hey doll
    Thanks for the shout out and the lovely pics :)
    Enjoy all the goodies and keep me posted if you review them k


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