Cover FX Blogger event (PIC HEAVY)

I had the chance to attend the first ever Cover fx blogger event!
I don't think I have ever told this story but the first brand I ever used in school was COVER FX!

First some background on CoverFX:
Since 1985, Lee Graff, a corrective makeup specialist at the CosMedic Clinic at a leading Canadian hospital, has worked with thousands of patients with various skin conditions. Together with Chemical Engineer Jenny Frankel, and leading Dermatologist Dr. Neil Shear, Lee began development of Cover FX.
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 Lee Graff working on a model with rosacea

Wanda Longo working on Jenny Frankel 
The whole event was VERY educational and hands on! I was surprised that Lee Graff & Jenny Frankel attended. They told us their personal stories about the brand and how much it means to them. Also they answered EVERY single question we asked!

Lee Graff, Client & Jenny Frankel

Melissa explaining the set up 

As a MUA I know that a flawless canvas is the best to work with. Since everyone skin has different needs Cover FX has 6 formula options!
  • Cover FX 
  • Natural FX
  • Powder FX
  • Mineral FX
  • Skin Tint FX
  • Concealer FX
The formula's I love are Cover FX because a little goes a LONG way & Skin Tint FX because it's light and water resistant :)

Wanda Longo explaining the steps of the "bullseye" method
 In the background lovely bloggers Farah & Anjail 

Another lovely blogger Joy!

Did you know Cover FX can also cover Tattoos!!
She had wings on both wrists..amazing

At the end of the event each girl walked out with "The Big Cover Starter Kit" + BritePrep FX, Mint Glaze lip primer &ClearPrep FX.
The kit includes:
  • Cover FX trio
  • Skinprep FX
  • How to DVD
  • Setting FX
  • Foundation Brush #170
The colors I used: B0, B25 & B45
That #160 is my new

I'm sooo happy I had the opportunity to attend this event. As a woman of color I know it's super hard to find a foundation to suit my skin tone. I'd recommend CoverFX because it ranges from lighter to deep dark. No one is left out :)

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  1. Great write up and loved the photos! I know, it's so hard to find a line that has a wide range of colours! Yay for CoverFX!

  2. What brush is that in the last photo because I need it!?

  3. wow totally covered the tattoo!amazing!!
    aww nice goodie bag!!hehe

  4. Joy-thanks hun!
    Krissy- It's the #160 foundation brush..its sooo amazing!
    Vanilla- I know that tat is gone :0 lol

  5. Looks like you all had a great time! Wish I could've made it:(

  6. Wow, sounds like a great event! Looks like fun. :)

  7. I just tagged this post in my blog :)


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