FOTD + Annabelle Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss Review

This look is pretty simple but Fab in other words.. sexy librarian...joking:

Annabelle smudgeliner in Ohmygoth!
Marcelle Volume Precision Mascara in black
Annabelle Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss in Cherryoke
I was recently sent two Annabelle Volumelip Lip Plumping Glosses to try out!
  • The lighter color is Sweet Tweet and the darker color is Cherryoke. 
  • The applicator is clear and slanted. 
  • The tube is hard, so pushing out the product is difficult. (But they currently are changing the tube..woo!)
  • The consistency was not thick but moisturizing.
  • 5 vibrant different shades.
Annabelle Volume Lip Plumping Gloss in Cherryoke is the lip swatch shown here.

I love it because it's the color of my glasses :) Also it out of my comfort zone... aka not a clear gloss or neutral nude.

If your a WOC who is lost at finding lip shades try a berry tone like this one. Berry tones can easily enhance your complexion!

 The other gloss Cherry Tweet is to light for me.  I could either mix it with Cherryoke or use it as a highligher on my lips.

Overall I like these glosses but I would stick to the dark shades in the collection like Metro Mango, Cherryoke or Vivid Volume. Click here to check out the shades.

I was sent these products to review by Annabelle/Marcelle cosmetics.


  1. Cute colors.. They do seem light though..

  2. Oh im glad you did this review i saw this glosses at shoppers and i didnt know if they were any good. but since they are i may get em


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