What kinda sunglasses girl are you?

I love sunglasses! It's so easy to throw on your favorite pair and go outside.

These are my top favorite sunglasses.

Nicole Richie made oversized glasses popular..in my opinon.
Of topic but how cute is her outfit!! 

I know that this isn't the right word for them. 
But they are super cute!

This one is my favorite!!
p.s I cut my hair from this picture 2 years ago..lol

Let me know what are your favs below!


  1. aviator is my fave too. I have a Burberry pair that I adore. Oversized look horrible on me. I have high cheekbones but chubby cheeks and the combo just doesn't work with oversized shades

  2. Aviators are definitely my favorite

  3. Aviators are my fave and then Oversized. Wow Beyonce looks like Mariah in the middle pic, I thought it was Mariah for a min....lol

  4. I have big oversized square chanel glasses that are my fav, ive been rocking them for like 4 years lol, they just fit my face so perfect. But ive been on the hunt for a pair or super sexy mirrored aviators fooooorever!

  5. Chels: I agree!
    Kimmy: Oversized are cute too!
    Jess: Try H&M hun

  6. Hmm, I like over-sized glasses. They also have to be kind of square since my face is round. I'm also partial to dark brown sunglasses. (girl, I don't even know if brown shades are still in. The last time I bought sunglasses was about 5 years ago lol)

    Since I'm as blind as a bat, though, I can't really wear sun glasses until I get contacts.

  7. I'm a mixture of retro and oversized. I like large square frames =). Cute, fun post.

  8. Aviators... definitely my top pick, then oversized.

  9. i love wayfarers and aviators

  10. Scarlet:aww they have prescription sunglasses too
    kim: i've never tried square before..maybe I should
    Mz.More: me too :)
    Niika: that sounds good!


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