NYC Clothing Haul 2

I told myself that I will stop at the second haul, so I don't drown anyone with my shopaholic ways LOL

Hot Topic Hello kitty shirt in $8.99

Love her <3

I've always wanted one of these shirts!! I searched all around for a fitted one :)

$5.00 from a vendor

Forever21 $14.99 or under
I'm going to wear this with tights or shorts!

A pair of black ripped jeans From Against All Odds $7.99

One of my favorite purchases were my studded "sandals".  I love the part with the studs!

This can be worn with tights, jeans, shorts or dresses.

I got these in the Bronx :)

These are all fab items for summer? What is your favorite item?


  1. I for my part would love to see the rest of your haul. LOL I must live vicariously through my buds who are able to spend. I'm on a tight budget. We have a grad in the hse this summer, so I'm broke! If you don't want to share on here, plz send me emails. LOL

  2. Ahhh that tank is so cute! You got some good deals at Hot Topic!

  3. I love the sandals! And I envy you for having access to one of the best places to shop! - This haul reminds me that I have YET to own one piece of Hello Kitty anything in my adult years...I need to get on it!


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