Hell yes I can wear RED! Sally Hansen Moist & Matte Liquid Color in Charmeuse

For years I stayed away from Reds... Even after going to school for makeup and learning about blue reds & yellow reds, I still didn't budge.

I'll be 25 in next month so time to try new things!

This is Sally Hansen Moist & Matte Liquid Color in Charmeuse.

I got this for a dollar in Dollar Tree. Yup only a dollar.

    Here's a swatch of the lipstick on my lips!

    - classic matte look
    - moisturizing formula makes lips velvety soft

    I'm in love.. Honestly. Perfect Red lip for a NW45 skintone.

    Do you wear reds?


      1. LOL!! this is so funny because I feel the exact same way (reds) and approaching mid 20's. I just can't decide upon a red for a mix of nw43/nc50. brought that in the states correct? (dollar tree) or is there one in Canada?

      2. Youre so right! Im turning mid 20's too and i have not rocked red lipstick yet. Im too scared that it will be too much. I cant step out of my comfort zone with my pinky nude lippies.

      3. Love red lipstick! I can never find a right one for me, but I do look around.. Cute color!

      4. I love love love red lipstick, I would wear it everyday for the life of me...lol!
        Sally Hansen made lipstick wasn't aware.. wow!!

      5. girl... you already know the answer to that question... I rock them with a passion...

      6. Love the red and I actually just started sporting a crimson pucker myself from time to time. I swear it makes you more confident and is such a refreshing change from my standard pink hued glosses.

      7. This is so pretty on you. I used to shy away from reds as well but now I rock em proud. Hell I'm damn near 30 might as well get my "grown woman" on! lol

      8. I, like yourself, strayed far far away from reds for years, but I just began wearing reds this year & I LOVE it! My fave red lipstick is Maybelline's Color Sensational in Red Revival & my fave red lipgloss is from FSL Cosmetics in Seduction! =]

        xo Nicole

      9. Sometimes without even talking, a pair of red lips can speak volumes to those around you. Hell, when I wear it, it rocks me. My top lip is almost not existent and needs all the help I can give. :)


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