Coverfx: Drench the Skin You're In event!

Last month I was invited to Cover FX Hydrating Clinic located in the The Bay Queen Street. To my surprised I went there and found out that these were personal one-one sessions with the amazing Derek Selby.
Before any makeup was applied he took my hand and determined my hydration. OMG! I was so embarrassed because I had been filming and traveling all day.... I totally neglected my arms. I find that in the winter I don't hydrate all areas as much as I should. The result is DEHYDRATED SKIN! After talking with Derek I realized this is the reason why we experience a dull complexions, redness, blotches and skin tightness. Also dehydrated skin can cause wrinkles & fine lines to be more apparent.

These pictures are from Urban Native Girl's session:

1. Measuring her moisture level.(low reading) 

2. He applied Natural FX to a small portion of her arm.

3. Tested her moisture level again. (higher reading)

4. He used Clean Fx makeup cleansing mousse to remove the foundation.

Lastly he took her reading again and it was perfect!
After the reading Derek gave us some great tips on how to hydrate your skin, while dealing with your own skin issues. For example I have an oily T-zone but I find that areas like around my mouth is always dry.
OMG I loved the set up. products galore
The foundation he used was on me was a mixture of Skin Tint & Skin prep primer.
How amazing is this picture!!! I have to thank Melissa from CoverFX for this one :)

I had a great time and I have a bunch of goodies to show and review to you all in the next couple of week :)

Check out COVERFX!


  1. I really want to try Cover Fx, and I have super dry skin, it's irritating. Murale has a bunch of bonus points on Cover Fx purchases on now.

  2. Ok JEALOUS that you met Derek Selby!!!! A hydrating clinic sounds cool! I would fail terribly I'm sure :P

    I'm definitely picking up some Cover FX stuff soon - just need to figure out my shade and the right formulation!

  3. They were on-on-one sessions?!
    Now I am super annoyed that my schedule was messed up that week. Totally missed out >_<
    Ah well, at least I get to read about it. Ps that clean fx mousse is insane! I always use it to clean the swatches off my hand when I am in SDM XD

  4. Looks like the event was fun, and you look great!

  5. I want to go to an event! tehee

    Thanks for sharing. It seems like you had a great and informative day there. <3 Cover FX have some amazing products for sure. I can't wait to read your reviews.

  6. i cant wait to hear about the products! i love coverfx!


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