Microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy treatment at Fresh.Beautiful

Back in January I went for my first microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy treatment at Fresh Beautiful. I was scared as hell but intrigued at the benefits that it has on various skin types.
fresh.beautiful: the skin studio is about providing a natural and non-invasive approach to cleaner, healthier and brighter skin. We focus on understanding your personal skin issues and determining its needs. Our end goal is to develop a special skin therapy tailor-made just for you.
I suffer from scarring on my cheeks from pimples... I'm lucky that I don't have indents but I wanted a clean even skin tone. Here is more on the process:
This process clears away the skins surface layer, revealing a new, brighter layer. This mild resurfacing of the skin has also stimulates the production of new skin cells. Then nurture your epidermis with cold laser light your skin, which protects, hydrates, and replenishes the skin. Laser therapy also allows Fresh Beautiful’s gel products to penetrate the deeper layers to stimulate, rejuvenate, and heal the skin. Reap the benefits of the combination of these two procedures and you will reveal brighter, healthier skin.
They have two locations: Ajax and Toronto. My treatment was with Lori in Toronto. Before anything started I explained my skin situation. I kinda feel bad because I asked so much questions. I feel like I overwhelmed her but it was best to know everything before I started the procedure.

Pictures from skin prep- microdermabrasion-clean off:

I have very sensitive skin, so some areas were tender...especially on my cheekbones. Lori was very careful to avoid those areas. Also she guided me through the whole process by telling me about the products she used and why.

Some people I talked to about microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy told me that they had instant skin gratification. I didn't... It took me about a week to actually see results. I personally think it was because I went during a time when my skin was irradiated from a breakout.

Its April and I can tell you that my skin is 100% better. My random breakout are NOT as severe at all. Also my skin care regime works much better.

Ladies have you ever had a Microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy treatment? If so, what did you think about it?


  1. Ive always wanted to try this method. Thanks for showing us the process

  2. How many sessions did you go for? I'm definitely going back for a series of treatments - just need to find the time!

  3. I need to this and get my skin clearer. Thanks for sharing Jenn. xx


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