On a crusade to end discolouration, scars & stretch marks with Palmers: Skin Therapy Oil

Recently Palmer’s Cocoa Butter launched a new product in Canada: Skin Therapy Oil. This product targets some of the most “troublesome” skin care concerns. The major benefits include prevention and treatment for the appearance of stretch marks, discolouration and scars.

Summer is coming! I can't stress this enough..as the weather gets hotter, I see less and less clothes. Ladies we need to prepare our selves.

I admit I have problem areas like every other women. Two issues which I'll show you all is on my right arm and left pinky. The arm scar is three years old.. the pinky is two weeks.

I know these are not huge imperfections but there exposed everyday and I want to fade them. I want you all to join if you can! I will be posting my day 14 update in 2 weeks. Hoping for the best!
I burnt myself with a light bulb :(
I cut myself on a unfinished table :(

The Formula:
A preservative free, lightweight oil that absorbs rapidly into the skin to help combat major skin concerns and is safe to use all over including the face. It instantly hydrates, smoothes and softens skin.

Smells like chocolate but it doesn't linger throughout the day.

Where to Buy:
Walmart  $9.99.

Do you have skin imperfections you want to change?  Is this something you would purchase?


  1. I scar sooo easily! It takes literally YEARS for my mosquito bites to fade :( I would be willing to try this out, but I'm more concerned about the acne scars on my face. I'm too scared to try an oil out on the face area though.

  2. I have a ton of stretch marks on my thighs/love handles but I don't really pay attention to them because I never see them (lol).

    I'd love to see how it works for you though, it's at a good price too!

  3. I would definitely purchase a product like this though im sure if I wore something that smelled like chocolate I'd be tempted to eat myself! x

  4. have usd this befor,i like it..great review honey but I prefer my Bio oil

  5. I'm going to look for this, I always find that Palmers coco butter products smell like chocolate lol I thought I was the only one.

  6. I can't wait to see if it made any improvements with your scars. Lord knows I need to find something that can erase my scars and dark spots.

  7. I should check this out for my itchy preggo belly! Plus these damn stretch marks have not gone away no matter what I use :(

  8. looking forward to seeing the difference! i used to use cocoa butter on my scars on my legs and i saw a major difference. unfortunately i ran out of it and i can never seem to find it in Canada for under $10! i get mine from england as it's only 2-3 pounds there.

  9. definitely going to try this out! Have a few scars that really need to go!

  10. Same here I scar really easily and takes ages to fade so def would try.

  11. Interesting! I def need to try this! NOW! :)


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