To Whiten or not to Whiten, that is the question

Hello.. my name is Jennifer and I love tea. 
I can go on about all the health benefits of tea, but i'm here to rant about the after effects.


I've tried those crest white strips but I'm too lazy to keep on doing them daily!
I'm thinking about getting a full teeth whitening just like Ande (seen below).  
I'm scared as hell for the after effects that I heard some people go through:
* Chemical burns from gel bleaching
* Pain
* Hot/cold sensitivity

My question for you is what type of teeth whitening products do you use/ have you used?


  1. I just use tooth paste with whiteners. Crest Pro Health makes a good one.

  2. I have used up my bottle of Scope Whitening recently and I'm not sure it made a difference to my teeth. I'm a tea and coffee addict, so I'm not sure getting my teeth whitened professionally would change something because I will still want my coffee LOL!

  3. I've had the professional Zoom whitening procedure and I'm glad I did. I won't lie, it hurt! I should have taken some Advil prior to having it done, because it was painful towards the end of the procedure. But it was so worth it! I loved how white they became.

  4. Waaah, people have had those side effects damn. I just use white glo toothpaste - there quite good. I noticed a difference. Loving the layout btw :o)

  5. I personally would ask your dentist. I got my teeth imprints that cost a pretty penny then I just buy the whitening gel tube from my dentist' office that's around $20 and use them for 3hrs every other day. I also use Arm & Hammer Advance Whitening Toothpaste & Scope whitening mouthwash.

    Caryl Baker Visage has that whitening procedure that I do twice a year and that works wonders as well and I had no side effects.

    Good luck.

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  7. I haven't tried whitening my teeth yet, but toothpaste and strips do help. I've heard good and bad reviews on whitening teeth, but I think it depends on how sensitive your teeth are. I'm a coffee drinker, and I too need something to whiten after the drinks. HAHA.


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