Mary Kay: The Art of Nature Collection Lip & Cheek 2012

 Mary Kay has slowly moved into being one of my top five favorite brands. 
I admire their quality and ability to come out new eye catching products.

This Spring they came out with a fun collection called The Art of Nature.
 With the limited-edition* The Art of Nature Collection, important fashion elements of abstract art meld with the latest innovations in nature-enriched beauty.
One of my favorites from the line is the Dual Lip Glaze.
Comes in two different colors:
  • Warm Coral
  • Glistening Sands
Inspired by the calming gleam of the ocean, Mary Kay®
Dual Lip Glaze* instantly moisturizes lips with a high-
shine finish. Soothing botanicals like aloe, shea butter and
safflower oil glide on smoothly to soften and protect lips.
The unique tube-in-tube design contains a clear gloss in
the outer tube and rich colour in the centre. To release
maximum shine and colour, squeeze the tube from the
bottom centre.
 Glistening Sands is currently my everyday lip glaze. 
  • I don't need a mirror to apply it. 
  • Its not full of glitter or sticky.
  • It looks good with every look
  • Very moisturizing.

I also found the Natural cheek tints interesting!
Two Colors:
  • Pink Pearl
  • Sheer Copper
Capturing the breathtaking beauty of coral reefs and
earthy tones of the canyon, Mary Kay ® Natural Cheek
Tint* offers a lightweight, bounce-to-the-touch formula
that glides on smoothly and effortlessly.
At first glance they look like powder..right?
After playing with them look at the consistency!
Which product are you interested in?



  1. The natural cheek tint looks lovely!

  2. Those cheek tints look nice. Sheer Copper is pretty!

  3. love the cheek tints great swatches hun

  4. The cheek product looks totally fun to play with~
    Kind of reminds me of this D/Ced Loreal one (the name which escapes me at this moment...)

  5. I like the sheer copper, I've never tried these colours ... they look nice.

  6. That looks great; especially the cheek tints.
    Thank you for sharing; great blog.
    I'm a new follower from Germany.


  7. Wow I actually used that brand before, their hand cream and hand scrub! :)

    Haven't seen their make up though so thanks for sharing.. that lipgloss/lipstick looks gorgeous.. xx

  8. My old college roommate used to be Mary K rep and I've tried a few of their lip scrubs and I remember liking it a lot. These products looks great and the swatches of the cream blushes looks so pretty. I see gold specs!

  9. Sheer copper is pretty. Love it.


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