Colored Denim is back!

I remember rocking my first pair eight years ago.
Ugh...I sound old!
Anyways they are back and hopefully here to stay.

My favorites are the "stretchy" kind. You know the ones that don't feel like they are cutting off your circulation.

I wore my favorite pair on a date to the museum with my BF. YES.. That's a REAL dinosaur in front of me.

From my experience H&M, Marshalls, Winners and Forever 21 have the best fit for all body types.

Do you like colored denim?


  1. I love colored denim, I have been wearing colored denim since I was 14. I usually go for red,purple and blue. I might have to try red.

  2. i love coloured denim,looking for aqua like green@the moment

  3. I am so into the coloured denim right now too! I live in jeans when not at work so added colour is a bonus. My favourite jeans are the classic Levis and Zara jeans.

  4. I love colored denim!! it's so much fun :))

  5. - Red, Purple, Green, & Blue are normally my go to colors for colored denim. I'm on the hunt now :)

  6. I think I would only rock the red or burgundy. :)

  7. I always like colored denim on others... I do have one pair of colored skinny jeans. I love em, just dont wear em much



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