Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit

Veet has come out with an awesome new product that will make your life much easier. Possibly eliminating your time at the spa... which may result in you having more money for the finer things like sandals and accessories.

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll on Kit.
Claims: Convenient & easy.
My kit was specially designed for the arms & legs. 
I thought the set up was easy and clean. My only issue was the warm up time. The set up time on the information sheet stated 20 minutes. I had to wait double the time for the wax to become fully "melted' the first time.
If you are in a rush remember the setup time will vary. 
It could be a 10 minutes or more for warm up.

Once I got it going, It was smooth sailing. The wax was a great constancy.. not too stick or thin. The best part was the fact that it didn't hurt. When you are at home you can do everything at your own pace. In other words you do want you can depending on your pain tolerance.
I have a very LOW pain tolerance so that is a big pro.

Overall I would recommend this product to any lady who is new to at home waxing.
If you have patience for the warm up, I promise the wait is worth it.

Would you try out this product?


  1. oh interesting, a wax that doesn't hurt now that's something new. I really want to try this because I am bored of shaving creams but my pain tolerance is below 0. Is this similar to the waxing strips that need to be warmed with the hands?

    1. I feel like its a little easier. Roll on.. put on the cloth and rip off.

  2. I have never tried waxing anything but I'm interested in waxing my underarms. Will this be a good product to try if I have never waxed before. Thanks

  3. I love to wax. I am against shaving because it just grows back too fast. Wax is a life saver ! Great post !

  4. Oh I love this, I think I've done every form of hair removal available on the market. Thanks for sharing !!


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