Introducing ArteStile!

Are you looking for a super cute set of tweezers? I have the perfect brand for you!
Try ArteStile!
ArteStile professional beauty tools are uniquely designed with a patented baked enamel finish for an exceptional in-hand feel. Professional nail Trims, Files, Scissors, and Tweezers are hand-crafted in Italy of the finest stainless steel. The tips and blades are perfectly aligned and hand-filed for lasting performance. 
I'm embarrassed to say this but I'm a tweezer junkie. I constantly buy them and lose them! Some days I have five and others I can't find any. I'm always looking for one that is durable with a nice grip. I have very thick hairs and those dollar store tweezers don't help.

Now these products are exactly what I was looking for!

I love the fact that Artestile is a Canadian Company!
They are also free of lead & nickel.

I'm so happy that this set came in a bright red pouch. It will be really hard to lose this. As long as I remember to put these back in the pouch when I'm done, I will have no issue!
*Fingers Crossed*
Overall great design & product!
Each item is $24.97


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