IMATS Toronto 2012 Experience + Haul

Another Toronto IMATS has come and gone. As per usual it was a day filled with vloggers, bloggers and beauty lovers! For the second time the venue was at Toronto Congress Centre which is located in Etobicoke. I got there a little bit later in the morning (around 11) and was shocked at the sheer number of people which was there. I came with a direct game plan and didn't stray away from my budget. 

First on my list was bdellium tools!  After hearing several bloggers rave about them, I know I had to get a few brushes from the line. Then off to Beauty So Clean and lastly finish off at Face Atelier to see what's new.

This years exhibitor list was much smaller than the earlier IMATS that I have attended.
That didn't stop groves of people from coming out to enjoy the beauty deals and watch the seminars.

Believe it or not, the ATM's on site ALL ran out of money before 2pm!
I was so happy that I traveled with cash.

Check out some pictures that I took of the show on Saturday:
I finally got to see one of my favourite bloggers/MUA Joy from Makeup Junkie.

bdellium tools booth set up.
I was debating whether I wanted the 957 or 958.
I should have just taken both!
If you're squeamish look away!
I couldn't leave without taking a picture. It's actually a replica of a full-sized man.
It was like 5'10! He even had shoes on!!

End result from the Make-up as Art seminar featuring M.A.C. Pro artist Melissa Gibson.
 OCC Skin on display.
Such vivid colors!
Emmy-winning makeup artist Eve Pearl doing a seminar on
How to Turn your Career into a Thriving Business
Last but not least my Haul! 

  • Opi Drop it- drying drops+ free nail polish
  • Opi Chipslip
  • Beauty So Clean 
  • Mascara shield
  • bdellium studio line brushes in 957 & 949
  • bdellium green bambo series brush set
  • FACE atelier lip glaze in Obsession
Such a small haul but honestly at this moment I have everything I want.
Did you go to IMATS this year?


  1. Great haul, looks like such a fun time =]

  2. What's a mascara shield?

    Great haul! Love the Beauty So Clean product. They're unfortunately not available here :(

  3. The one place that was on my list that I forgot to visit was bdellium and I just remembered when I saw your pictures lol. Great haul :)

  4. Oh wow!! looks like you had a blast! i cannot wait for 2013 imats in NYC!!

  5. At first, I thought that was a real dude with spfx makeup! lol So cool! Love the brushes you picked up :)

  6. I was there too! Just posted my haul on my site, thanks for showing us yours =)

  7. Aww Jenn I <3 u! So great to see you!!! Great haul. It seems like most people that have gone before had a smaller haul this year. Love bdellium brushes! And that Lip Glaze from Face Atelier is so purdy!!

  8. Lol this should be my new motto: When in doubt, get both. Amazing works of gore there. I'm drooling over the OCC paints.

  9. Thanks to you I've found my new motto: When in doubt, just get both.
    I'm drooling at the OCC paints. That's some incredible gore makeup in that show.

  10. Wow.......great pics! I went to the Makeup Show the beginning of this month for the first time, and I really enjoyed myself. I can't wait till next year!

  11. Nice haul and awesome pics hun. U look gr8 as usual. Well done on stickin to e budget lol when there is so much temptation ha ha!

  12. Hi Jennifer, I saw you at IMATS! Great pics and that's a good haul despite it being small. It's so easy to go crazy at IMATS I think. I spent close to my initial budget so I'm happy. =]

  13. Oh man, maybe I should save up and go next year. This looks absolutely amazing. And it would be so cool to meet a bunch of Canadian bloggers!

    What a great haul you've got - I'm especially jealous of your brushes!


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