Introducing Garnier Olia!

Have you ever seen a product and knew the ideal candidate for it? 
That's exactly how I felt about Garnier's new product Olia. 

As you can tell Olia is an oil powered hair dye! 
I don't dye my hair but I knew someone who would benefit from this process.
OLIA utilizes the revolutionary Oil Delivery System (ODS) which allows for better colour absorption. The ODS’s oil-based formula uses oil to repel “waterloving” MEA (an ammonia derivative) and force it into the water-based hair fiber resulting in more of the colourant penetrating the hair fiber.
I asked a good friend if I could tryout this product on her. She didn't want to be shown/identified although I told her my spiced beauty readers were all very nice..haha. Anyways she allowed me to use her head on the condition that she got to screen all the shots after I took them
. For the sake of the blog and her hair- I took her offer.

She has gorgeous long straight locks that needed some TLC after years of bleaching!
Up close you can see that she needs a trim as well..
Garnier OLIA makes it possible to achieve the desired colour while visibly improving hair quality and providing optimal scalp comfort. Garnier OLIA transforms the hair colour preparation and application experience through with a rich texture, increased formula absorption, and beautiful fragrance.

The process was pretty easy and straight forward.

I've been around hair dye and gagged at the horrible scent. Olia had a pleasant light scent. 
Not overwhelming or overbearing. I doubt anyone even knew what we were doing!

After washing out the dye her hair felt amazing. It was soft, shiny & vibrant.
I dont think my camera did it any justice but click these pictures to see the full colour quality.

I can't comment on the aftercare but I can say that she seemed really happy with the outcome.

Garnier Olia debuts in Canada January 2013!


  1. looks like a pretty cool product & her hair looks like its dyed throughout..sometimes at-home hair kits don't dye evenly. Good job!

  2. Wow, the after shoots look great!

  3. Thanks again Jennifer for introducing Garnier Olia. This product is looking very effective i must buy this today..:)


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