Save your lips with Polysporin’s Visible Lip Health- Day & Night

New Years Eve is a few days away!
Are you ready? 

I know that not everyone is going to dive in for that midnight kiss- some people may just be going out with a group of friends. Either way your lips should be ready for any close up.

Whether it's with another pair of lips or a camera!

Are you looking for something to improve lip heath in a short amount of time?
Check out Polysporin’s Visible Lip Health- Day & Night products!
Both Products:
  • Clinically shown to restore visibly healthier lips in 3 Days+
  • The emollient and vitamin enriched formula replenishes essential lipids, and locks in moisture
  • Reduces the signs and symptoms of dryness, such as scaling and chapping
Back to kissing- Did you know..?
Seventy-seven per cent of Canadians feel an emotional impact if they have chapped lips.

I know when my lips are chapped, I feel really self conscious. I wonder if anyone noticed or how long it was chapped for.

More Chapped lips stats:
Women are more likely than men to feel uncomfortable (75% vs. 63%), embarrassed (15% vs. 10%), and frustrated (13% vs. 9%). Similarly, Canadians between the ages of 18 and 44 are more likely to feel embarrassed than those over the age of 45 (18% vs. 8%). In each case (excluded the feeling of helplessness), those who have avoided kissing due to chapped lips and those who would kiss more if they had softer or healthier lips are more likely than others to have felt a negative emotional impact.

So far I've been wearing both of these Polysporin’s Visible Lip Health products and loving it. Fifteen Centimeters of snow has landed in Ontario last night. With the extra cold, I know that my lips will be prone to chapping. The number one way to avoid flaky lips is to hydrate them! My favourite thing about the daytime formula is how quickly it absorbs moisture into my lips.

Will you be going in for that midnight kiss?


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