HP: The Original You Event

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I'm a techy!
I was really blessed to get my own camera and computer at five.
That's what ignited my love for gadgets!

I was so happy, when I was given the opportunity to attend “The Original You” event sponsored by HP Canada. HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.

Before we attended the event, we all submitted a photo which we felt passionate about. They turned it into a really cool wall of photos. Here is my photo of sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica! Gorgeous isn't it. With a view to die for! I overheard a few people asking if it was a post card.

That night we heard about new HP projects and got insight from great speakers like Photographer Michael Cooper and Inkologist Thom Brown.

HP now has a free app called HP Live Photo.
You are able to share pictures and watch them come to life with video.
The videos are 45 seconds long and can have cool additions like fun themed templates.
This app is available on both iphone and android.

How do you share?
You just need the image, Nametag and the app!

For me- I thought it would be an amazing addition to add to my portfolio. Say I'm at a wedding- I can print the image on 4x6 or 5x7 paper and add a 45 second video to it that can be seen by anyone who has the app!

We all had the opportunity to hear Photographer Michael Cooper speak about getting the most out of your pictures. Totally brought me back to my college photography classes- which I aced by the way.

Here are three key tips that Michael shared:

Framing is key:
Consider what the hero of the photograph is and how to highlight or enhance it. 

Know your focus:
Use the rule of thirds for composition Strong visuals lead the eye.

What is your Perception?
Think of different angles and perspectives when taking your photos.

One of the best parts was breaking away into groups and watching Michael in action!

Last but not least we heard about how amazing HP's ink formula is from Thom Brown. HP's own Inkologist!
I won't lie- I avoided Chemistry in high school. So some of the talk about molecular compounds went over my head but what I got out of it is that HP ink is vivid, durable and unique!

One thing that suck with me was when he showed us examples of photos printed with competitor/generic ink vs HP ink. The HP photos always came out on top.
If you print your own photos or documents that is something to really think about.

At the end of the night we were all surprised with the fact that we were going to get brand-new HP Photosmart 7520 printer!

  • It prints documents and photos. 
  • Makes copies and scans
  • Send faxes
  • Can access the Web
  • Print on the go.

In other words, it does EVERYTHING my current printer can not!

Have you tried any products from HP before?

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