Almay intense i-color Volumizing Mascara

Almay intense i-color volumizing mascara claims, “big, bold volume for 2x the impact”. This mascara comes in 4 shades (plum, sapphire, midnight, mocha) to match specific eye colours and has eye-brightening crystals to create a multi-dimensional amplification effect.

The brush is pretty hefty in size not as crazy as the Revlon Grow Luscious but its still a pretty long and wide brush. I have green eyes and I tried the mocha colour. This is a departure for me as I always choose the black, I’m talking blackest black mascara girl. For the sake of beauty, I will try anything once. What would you know I actually really like how the mocha colour looks and compliments my eye colour.

I decided to test this mascara during my workweek. I have fairly light thin eyelashes so mascara is a daily staple for me. The 2x the impact claim is something I really wanted to see. I happen to love volume when it comes to mascara and Almay certainly delivered. This mascara easily curled my lashes without any help from an eyelash curler (I’m going to be honest at 6am I cant be bothered to actually curl my lashes); it also added the volume and depth of colour I was looking for. As for the eye- brightening crystals they are certainly in there.

If the mascara ends up on skin rather than lashes and the light hits your eyes just right you will see some sparkles. I should add that I have slightly oily eyelids- so transfer can happen by the end of a long work day.

I would certainly use this mascara again. At the moment it doesn’t seem to come in waterproof which is something I would prefer but its Almay they are always innovating and creating so I’m sure its on its way.

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