Currently Obsessed: Olay Deeply Clean Pore Mineral Cleanser

I'm really good with all the steps in my skin care routine. I cleanse- exfoliate- tone and moisturize almost daily. The one step that I need to switch up regularly is my cleanser. Each one has their own unique attributes. A good cleanser can help you purify and brighten your skin. Especially after a hot day!

I was excited to get back to the basics with Olay Deeply Clean Pore Mineral Cleanser ($7.99 US).

How it works?
Made with Natural Kaolin clay. It's infused with a mineral complex helps to draw out pollutants (dirt.. makeup etc) out of your pores for a good deep down clean.

When I heard clay, I expected a cleanser that would be harder to work with (e.g to spread).
But as you can see the consistency is super easy to blend.

How I apply?

After a full day of wearing sunscreen my skin is pretty oily. I never know what cleanser to use to refresh my skin but Olay Deeply Clean Pore Mineral Cleanser has turned into my summer go to.
One of the main pros is it's ability to control shine and reduces the appearance of pores.
This cleanser is also dermatologically tested, oil-free and non-comedogenic!

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