Five Housewarming Etiquette Tips + Bleu Lavande

Okay I've reached the age where I get one of three invites. A wedding, a baby shower, or a housewarming. Although a housewarming seems like one of the least important out of all three. It's NOT! Through out the years I've seen some very INTERESTING things.
Here are some tips that I acquired from being the host and a guest.

Make sure your house is presentable.
It seems logical....but I can't tell you the amount of housewarmings that I've gone to where people have sectioned off a place where my husband and I can't enter.

 Or we walked into a place where someone has left maybe dirty underwear on the floor or something. Haha! ALWAYS double check.

Speaking about the "tour".....

During the housewarming, allow each guest to tour your home. 
 This can get repetitive but can be done easily. 
Do a house party style housewarming!
During the hours you pick (like 4pm-9pm) you can show anyone who comes around
the house in a group. Save some trips!

Don’t bring someone without asking
C'mon.. you don't know the atmosphere or the host's wishes..
Don't DO IT! It's rude and annoying. All you can do is ask ahead of time.
If the host says NO...
you come alone OR decline.

The three C's: Congratulate, Compliment & Come Again

Remember this: Talk about the space, the design and how happy you are to be there.
Nothing is worst than someone who comes eats and leaves without giving some recognition.
This is a big life step which needs to be celebrated.
Also come back and visit :) Be a good friend!

Don't come empty handed
So.... you want to come, eat food, take a tour of the house and then leave?!?! NO! 
Bring a gift.
Popular housewarming gifts are kitchenware, plants/flowers, wine and toiletries.

Speaking of gifts one unisex gift that EVERYONE needs to add to their list is a essential oil diffuser with essential oils!
Imagine this after a long day.. you turn on your essential oil diffuser and engulf yourself in the soothing scent of lavender. Dim your lights to set the ambience with it's visually stimulating LED light. Doesn't that sound amazing!

Bleu Lavande has you covered!

They have a Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser ($69.00 CAN) which comes with a 100 % pure lavender essential oil bottle. This piece has totally become a fixture in my home. Mostly because it looks like a piece of art and people don't actually know what it is .. UNTIL I turn it on.

One of the main pros for me is the automatic shut-off when it's empty or the water is low. I had an old one that would continue to vaporize and produce a burning scent when it was empty. 
I don't get that from this at all.

How it works:
It uses ultrasonic waves to vaporize the water and the essential oil mixture. 
In return you get a mist that's not heavy but powerful.

Turned on with the LED light

Do you have any Housewarming Etiquette tips? 
Or gift ideas? Leave them below?


  1. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!

  2. I love the idea of giving a diffuser as a gift. They're so popular now and a gift that once you find the 'right' scent for your home, you really appreciate it.


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