Three basic video/photography tips that you should know

I'm a firm believer in "Everyone needs a refresher". Sometimes I find myself slipping in the blog world. Basically doing things more sloppy than I'm use to. Which is not a good look but I always bounce back. I often have to reshoot things because I'm not satisfied.

Sometimes you have to go back to a check list.
- Is the image appealing?
- Is it too dark?
- Is there detail in the image?

Check out three basic video/photography tips that you should know!

A tripod makes everything easier
Tripods comes in so many different sizes, makes and shapes. 
For product images, I use the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod

One of the first things I learned about in school was "If a tripod is available ALWAYS use it". I've had many years to perfect my "steady hand" but I know that's not something that everyone possesses. My favourite are the ones that can be levelled (The best ones have a high-precision levelling spirit bubble). That's what ensure that you have a straight picture/video with no issues.


Backdrops are fun!
I'm so stick of the boring white wall. My solution, get a backdrop. I whim I found a backdrop on Facebook from a lady who selling it from her wedding for basically pennies. From then I went on Amazon and found a floral backdrop which suited my personality. 

If you're crafty you can definitely do a DIY by going to Fabricland and purchasing the dimensions for what you want.

Get a light or a few
I have a few lights right now but I really need to invest in a ring light. But overall natural light is key! ...but if you're in a space that doesn't allow you to these LED on camera lights are a godsend. 

They can go on top of your camera or sometimes I place them on a tripod while I'm shooting.
Plus the come with filters to change the lighting.

Get Similar On Camera LED lights here:

Last but not least, learn your camera settings. The Internet is perfect for this. Trust me type your Camera model into YouTube and you will be immersed in reviews and tips for your particular model. 

I hope this helped!
If you have any tips leave it below.



  1. Great tips! I own that light as well. Such an amazing deal for the price.

  2. I gotta check out those LED on camera lights! Game changer there. I also love the backdrop idea.

  3. Great tips! Especially for us bloggers. :) - Shelby G.

  4. I'm still learning but I totally agree with this whole list. i have like 3 different tripods lol

  5. These are great tips. I'm still trying to figure out my camera.

  6. I've been looking into backdrops. Thanks for the tips.


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