Hydration is KEY! New Laneige Skin Care

Let's talk skin care! I've really been REALLY into skin care lately. After coming back from Jamaica my skin has totally changed consistency. Now it requires more hydration. I've actually been using a few brands that have my skin looking MUCH better!

Back in 2016, I started my year out with these Laneige classics
Now come and see what I upgraded to!

FYI- This is not a review :)
Just introducing you to some things that are incorporated into my regimen + my light musings. 

4-in-1 cleanser removes heavy makeup, removes stubborn sunscreen and refines skin.
I ALWAYS do a pre-cleanse before I wash my face. But sunscreen always leaves a slight residue. This Multi cleanser is heavy duty without being harsh on your skin. After using it, my skin is NEVER dry. Notable ingredients- It contains enzymes extracted from papaya. They're effective in removing dead skin cells.

If you're the type of girl who likes to feel those spheres or sugar pieces for exfoliation. 
This doesn't have it.

A skin softener that replenishes your skin to optimal moisture.
This is for Normal to Dry Skin. I classify myself as someone with Normal skin.
I use a square cotton pad to apply it avoiding my eye area.
In the bottle is a "vitamin-rich jelly extract". It's role is to nourish your skin using vital ingredients like mineral water and sugar cane.

This is not like your regular toners(clear and watery). 
I love and prefer this formula. Google skin softeners. 

This mask is a clay/gel combo made from natural mineral-rich mud. 
This is perfect for ALL skin tones! The mask is good for oiliness and large pores. The Korean mud with a mix of mint water + pine needle extract helps remove white heads, and blackheads.

After it's removed expect fresh feeling skin. Not tight or itchy.

An oil-controlling formula which via it's name gives you the appearance of smaller pores.
This one had me thinking.. is it a primer? Hmmm...
It is used at the last stage of your skin care routine. Dap it on your the places on your face that usually get oily! Hello T-zone & cheeks.

Notable ingredient is pine needle extract. 
It helps reduce the appearance of pores. 
Very interesting that pine needle extract does so many things!

A leave-on lip treatment for supple lips.
Gone are the days of sleeping with vaseline.
This lip sleeping lip mask goes on like a berry smelling balm. Just apply on your lips at night and wash off in the morning. Notable ingredients: Vitamin C & antioxidants.

It also comes with a silicone spoolie for application. Very hygienic! 

Have you tried anything from Laneige yet?


  1. your pics are lovely and skincare is literally everything! I am so crazy about skincare! Thanks for sharing!

  2. To be honest, I have never used Laniege products before. They seem good though, though a bit on the pricey side.

  3. This is quite a popular brand in Asia and I love their sleeping masks!

  4. I'm so busy and tired all the time, I never take care of my skin. I'll have to do a better job and try some of these out!

  5. Cool branding! Also thanks for showing in Canadian, so often I have to do the conversion lol

  6. That mask looks.. whatever the skin equivalent of "delicious" is.


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