Three ways to get an affordable cute nursery

I’ve never thought that having a baby nursery was that big of a deal. Until I came on Instagram! There is so much inspiration. So many things that can make a space unique. At the moment baby girl will be spending her first few months with my husband and I. We have spare bedrooms but I feel like they’re a little bit too far away from both of us. Across the hall is TOO far! So my task was to change up one portion of our room so that it can be a little oasis just for her. Here’s the thing my husband and I probably will be moving within the next six months and I did not want to put in too much money into something that I’m probably going to have to disassemble and start over in the next few months.

Soooooo I had to find ways to do it all on a budget and make it effective! I posted a picture of it on Instagram and got really good response so I thought you know what this blog post might help someone.

The first thing is obviously "Use something that you have and repurpose it." This IKEA shelf was actually really important to me because it held all my perfume, makeup and blogging props. It was in my secondary room which is kind of like an office/photography room. Which will now be turned into a guest bedroom but we don’t have to go there yet. Haha! We thought about getting her an armoire specifically for her clothes. But then when I added up the cost of the one I wanted- it really was not worth it. 

The baskets are actually from ToysRus which I got from my shower. In them, they each have different things! Her little essentials such as socks, towels, receiving blankets, hair supplies and other miscellaneous things. In the drawers, I have her showering products- plus stuff for the diaper genie. I don’t have anything in the bottom drawer yet because I’m debating what to put in there.

I have talked a lot about the power of social media. I’ve talked about using social media define items that you want and honestly, if you have the time and patience you can find some jams. We were debating on getting a changing table for quite a while. But my husband and I said. But I said I would search the Internet if I found one that was decent and within a manageable driving distance that we should totally go and get it. Within 24 hours I found this white changing table which virtually looks untouched. It also retails for close to $400. We did not even pay 90% of that. There are some really good people out there! To spruce it up a bit we added some liners which we bought from Dollarama just to make it a little bit different and match the grey-white-pink theme.

I did not want to make a big investment because the ones that I was REALLY interested in don't re-stick. No point in spending all this money on something that I was only to use for only six months at this house. On one of my dollar store trips, I saw these super cute rose gold butterflies. I don’t know! I just identified with them!
In conclusion, you can definitely get something cute and effective without breaking the bank! Remember to use things you own, utilize your gifts from your shower, look online for deals, and also hit up your local dollar store you never know what you can find. 



  1. Your nursery is super cute! And sounds like you did it for a really reasonable cost. I love the chair

  2. Decorating for Baby can be both tiring and extremely expensive. Which is why it’s so important to repurpose stuff just like you said I love these tips and tricks.


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